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Parque La Huasteca (La Huasteca Canyon Park)
Parque La Huasteca (La Huasteca Canyon Park)

Parque La Huasteca (La Huasteca Canyon Park)

Daily from 9am-6pm.
Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, Monterrey, Mexico

The Basics

Visit Parque La Huasteca in the company of a local guide and maximize your visit on a personalizable tour, ideal for families, adventurers, and photographers alike. Benefit from the insight of a guide, while scoping out spots you might otherwise overlook. Highlights of the park include up to 985-foot-tall (300-meter-tall) canyon walls, ideal for climbing, beginner-friendly Via Ferrata experiences, and rappelling; walking and hiking trails; viewpoints and picnic spots; and swimming holes along the river.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Outdoor adventurers won’t want to miss Parque La Huasteca, one of Monterrey’s top natural attractions.

  • There’s a small entrance fee to access the park.

  • Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • La Huasteca is one of the wettest places in Monterrey, so pack layers and wear comfortable shoes for your visit.

  • Remember to follow park rules and take all your trash with you when you leave.

  • Parque La Huasteca is not accessible for wheelchair users.

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How to Get There

Parque La Huasteca is situated in the Santa Catarina district of metropolitan Monterrey, and can be reached easily by both private and public transport from Monterrey downtown. The 126 bus passes by the entrance, although it may be quicker and easier to arrive by taxi or rideshare. Some guided tours to the park offer round-trip transportation.

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When to Get There

La Huasteca Park is typically open daily from the early morning until the early evening. If visiting in spring, summer, or fall, visit very early to avoid the worst of the day’s extreme heat; for winter visits, expect cooler temperatures throughout the day, ideal for outdoor activities. The hurricane and rainy season (typically June to October) can be especially intense in Parque La Huasteca.

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Natural Attractions in Monterrey

Although generally considered a fairly industrial city, Monterrey is surrounded by an abundance of natural attractions, including waterfalls in nearby Santiago, the imposing Cerro de la Silla peak, and Parque La Huasteca. You can also enjoy more leisurely hikes in the Chipinque Ecological Park or go exploring at the Grutas de García caves.

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