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Things to do in Egypt

Things to do in  Egypt

Welcome to Egypt

An ancient land of towering pyramids and endless stretches of desert, Egypt is often referred to as the cradle of civilization. On the lush banks of the Nile River, papyrus reeds sway alongside pharaonic temples, and sandblasted tombs reside beneath the mysterious gaze of the Sphinx. With so much to see, a popular way to explore the Gift of the Nile is by cruise ship, with options ranging from week-long luxury jaunts to shorter, budget-friendly trips. Popular stopovers include Aswan, home to the Aswan High Dam and Philae Temple; Luxor, where temple complexes in the Valley of the Kings pay testament to pharaohs including King Tutankhamun; and, of course, Cairo, capital city and gateway to the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (and a perfect opportunity for a desert camel ride). Alternatively, make Cairo your base, exploring the enormous Egyptian Museum and doing some shopping in the vast Khan el Khalili Bazaar. From the city, you can take day trips to many of the essential sites, including the ancient capital of Memphis—home to Egypt's oldest pyramid. Following a healthy dose of history, head to the Red Sea coast to relax on the golden sands of Hurghada and experience the country's best scuba diving in Marsa Alam, where unspoiled coral reefs teem with marine life.

Top 10 attractions in Egypt

Blue Hole

Blue Hole

Perhaps Egypt’s best-known diving and snorkeling site, the Blue Hole is a coral-fringed submarine sinkhole just north of Dahab in the Sinai. Dropping vertiginously to depths reaching 426 feet (130 meters), with a dramatic tunnel at 183 feet (56 meters), it’s popular with submarine enthusiasts, from technical divers to snorkelers.More
Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings is a treasure trove of archaeological wonders, containing dozens of tombs filled with art and hieroglyphics. See King Tutankhamun’s tomb—the most famous sight in the valley—then tour the temples of the sons of Ramses II and of Amenhotep III and others to marvel at the centuries’ old art and artifacts.More
Citadel of Qaitbay (Fort Qaitbey)

Citadel of Qaitbay (Fort Qaitbey)

Built on the site of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the longest surviving Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the 15th-century Citadel of Qaitbay (Fort Qaitbey) is a postcard-pretty sea fort. The battlements offer sweeping city views, the small museum houses maritime relics and aquariums, and three pillars likely date from the lighthouse.More
Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids

One of the most mysterious Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (and the only one still standing), the Pyramids of Giza—the Great Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Khafre, and Pyramid of Menkaure—still live up to more than 4,000 years of hype. Seeing these 4th-dynasty pyramids and their guardian Great Sphinx rising from the Giza Plateau is a must on any trip to Cairo (and the reason many travelers find themselves in Egypt).More
Philae Temple (Temple of Isis)

Philae Temple (Temple of Isis)

The Philae Temple (Temple of Isis) was once set on a holy island in the Nile River, the site of many pilgrimages. Although projects to dam the Nile once threatened the existence of both the island and the temple, UNESCO worked to rescue and preserve the ancient monument, damming the island itself with a high surrounding wall until the Philae Temple could be moved in sections to a new location: the higher, nearby Agilka Island.Visit the temple to learn about the temple's history, as well as Isis, who was a very important goddess in ancient times. She was known as the Mother of God, giver of life, and protector and healer of kings.More
Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park

On the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Ras Mohammed National Park is home to Sharm el Sheikh’s best diving, notably Shark Reef, Yolanda Reef, and Jackfish Alley. Besides the pristine coral that awaits offshore, the land delivers empty beaches, rugged cliffs, and desert, plus mangrove swamps, salt marshes, and diverse birdlife.More
Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Marina

Opened in 2008, Hurghada Marina is the recreational hub of the Red Sea resort. Centered on a 200-berth harbour and bordered by the Marina Boulevard—a walkway flanked by palms, parks, and ochre-painted shops and residential blocks—the marina boasts an abundance of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.More
Egyptian Museum (Museum of Egyptian Antiquities)

Egyptian Museum (Museum of Egyptian Antiquities)

A centerpiece of Tahrir Square, the Egyptian Museum (Museum of Egyptian Antiquities) has been a mecca for Egyptologists since it opened and houses some of the world’s greatest ancient relics. While some collections are moving to the new Grand Egyptian Museum, it remains a must-see for anyone interested in ancient Egypt.More
Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis

Beckoning like — well, an oasis — in the middle of a harsh, expansive desert, Bahariya is a respite from the dry sands of Egypt. Natural springs dot the oasis floor, shaded by date palms and fruit trees overhead. The black hills surrounding it are filled with quartz, and the lands contain several impressive ruins — including the Temple of Alexander the Great.Once an ancient center of agriculture and commerce (even wine was produced here and exported to the Nile Valley) known as the Northern Oasis, it remains part of an important route and hub for visitors. Excavations have revealed thousands of ancient Egyptian mummies here, with more to be discovered. Painted churches and tombs can also be viewed. Both the lands and the remains of the civilizations that once dwelled here give an incredible sense of time and history.More
Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple

Ancient architecture goes monumental at this landmark in Luxor, which houses magnificent statues, columns, and the largest place of worship ever constructed—just a stone’s throw from downtown traffic. Construction of Karnak Temple spanned more than 1,000 years, and it shows in the diverse art and architecture of this Egyptian site.More

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Top activities in Egypt

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He constantly is talking history, reason for historical events and recommendations of what to do next.
Amazing !
Lea_B, May 2021
3 Nights Cruise Luxor to Aswan including Abu Simbel & Hot Air Balloon from Luxor
there are a multitude of activities, from hot air ballooning to the temple of abou simbel.
Best of Cairo
Charles_B, Apr 2021
Cairo City Tour Visit Egyptian Museum Coptic Christian Cairo and old Market
We got to see the collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts before it was all carted away to the new Grand Egyptian Museum.
Great day with a fantastic guide
Richard_H, Apr 2021
Private VIP Day trip: 5 temples, lunch,felucca and sound and light
The Egyptologist in particular was extremely pleasant and spoke perfect English.
Charles_B, Mar 2021
Half Day Tour To Giza Pyramids & Sphinx
Definitely going to come back to Egypt to see more.
Very good private tour of top Cairo and Giza locations
Sasa_G, Jul 2021
8-Hour Private Tour of the Pyramids, Egyptian Museum and Bazaar from Cairo
Be ready to visit very expensive papyrus and parfumerie place.
Best tour guide in Luxor!
Korey_B, Jul 2021
Private Full-Day Tour Luxor from Hurghada
It is a very long day, but so worth it to see some of ancient Egypt history!
AMINA - the best tour guide I could ever asked for
Olivia, Jul 2021
8-Hour Private Tour of the Pyramids, Egyptian Museum and Bazaar from Cairo
Her English is perfect.
Exceptional Tour Guide with Exceptional Knowledge and Abilities
michaelrea7, Jul 2021
All inclusive -Tour Giza pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum,Camel Ride, Bazaar
Egypt can be pretty overwhelming and intimidating to English speakers and foreigners.
Unforgettable trip!
Elisa_H, Jul 2021
Egypt Tour 8 nights Cairo, Luxor, Aswan & Abu Simbel, Nile Cruise, Air Balloon
Incredible, beautiful, left me filled with awe and really blessed and appreciative to have the opportunity to visit ancient history that you hear and learn about in books in school.
A long but amazing day!
Rachel_P, Jul 2021
Day Tour To Abu Simble From Cairo By Flight
It’s a long day because of all the travel required, but I was able to see everything I wanted to making it worth it.
A+ Tour
Pamela_D, Jul 2021
Half-day Tour in Churches of Cairo
His English was very good and you could tell he was well educated.
E_A, Jul 2021
3 nights Cruise From Aswan To Luxor,Tours& Hot Air Balloon,Abu Simbel From Aswan
We are so happy that we did this cruise, we got to see all the sites mentioned on the advertised itinerary.
Just great
Ruxandra_C, Jun 2021
Visit Giza Pyramids, Sphinx & Saqqara Pyramids
After booking this trip I realized we also want to visit Dahshur Pyramids.
Unforgettable Hike With Great Guides
Dan, Jun 2021
Private Mt Sinai and St Catherine Monastery Night Hiking Tour
They may warn you it gets cold at the peak; we went in June and it was no worse than a cool summer’s night in the Midwest, we were in jeans and short sleeves the whole time.
Take this tour!
Dara_G, Jun 2021
All inclusive Private Trip Giza Pyramids,Sphinx,Camel-Ride,Lunch,Entrance fees
We only had the afternoon in Cairo and wanted to visit as much as possible in such a short time.
Great Ride
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Sunrise Ballooning Luxor / Safety&Quality Standards
It was nice to see that safety was a big priority.
Decent trip
Kaylin, Jun 2021
Half Day Tour To Memphis Sakkara And Dahshur Pyramids
I enjoyed seeing these pyramids out of Cairo a lot, although I felt my guide Ahmed struggled a little bit in his English.
Hands down, the best thing we did in Egypt!
Michael, Jun 2021
3 Nights Cruise Luxor to Aswan including Abu Simbel & Hot Air Balloon from Luxor
His English is very good and he really knew his stuff.
A great time
Catalin_F, Jun 2021
Horse Riding 3 Hours (Beach, Desert, Swimming By horse ) - Hurghada
Our guide really knew horses and was fluent in English, we had a great time together.
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